Mondriaan Sports Hall Delft

The Mondriaan Sports Hall will be realised at the Sports and Movement College in Delft, The Netherlands. With their own sports hall, fitness and studio, students can now take these important classes at their own location rather than having to travel. Clubs with which the school has apprenticeship or training agreements can also use the hall.

ROC Mondriaan
Bureau Bos Architecten

Full-electric and energy-neutral

The Design & Build tender was judged on design, quality and sustainability. Therefore Architects Bureau Bos and Pellikaan paid extra attention to the technical design. This is one of the first full-electric sports halls in Holland: no gas required. All air and water is heated electronically.

Measures to minimise use of electricity include thermal energy storage, heat pumps, LED lighting etc. By installing a large amount of PV cells on the roof, the building produces all the electricity it needs.

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