Following construction of David Lloyd Emersons Green in Bristol

Works on the David Lloyd Emersons Green in Bristol has started! You can already see where the outdoor pool will be. This year, we will be following the works on this project, so keep an eye out for regular updates.

The next big step in construction projects: the steel is going up for the new David Lloyd Club in Bristol!

The swimming pool basin for the new David Lloyd Club in Bristol in the making – using sprayed concrete.

More progress images of the new David Lloyd Club in Bristol – the first floor looks great, and more steel went up.

And suddenly it is not just steel and concrete any more. The different types of roofing are going up, the walls are being clad, the ground floor is getting ready for the screed, there is another pool to be concrete-sprayed and the external pool is being filled for testing… the building is really taking shape.

This summer we started on finishes at the new David Lloyd Club in Bristol. External cladding and brickwork were put up and internally, the metal stud walls went up and the M&E was installed. Tiling works started as well: you can start to see the final finished look in the pools and the changing rooms!

A lot of work was done since our last update: from tiling and flooring to installing doors, light switches etc.

A lot of work is done in those last few days before a club opens: the finishing touches to make it all just right. Cleaning the building, touching up the paintwork, fixing the last bits and bobs – there are people everywhere.

And then…. the doors open!

Gert-Jan Peeters

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