Meet Debby

Debby van Groeninge has long carried her passion for accounting and numbers with her, and at Pellikaan she is able to put it into her work as head of administration. She is a driven professional who enjoys coming to the office!

Debby has been working at Pellikaan as head of administration since 2016. She is good with numbers, but of course Debby also has other hobbies. โ€˜I try to play sports twice a week at Club Pellikaan.โ€™ A true Willem II fan, she also regularly stands to cheer on her club at the stadium.

After graduating from college, she first worked at an accountancy firm before joining other companies as a project controller. Checking Pellikaan’s accounts brought her into contact with our company. She noticed that the atmosphere was always good, and that Pellikaan makes beautiful things, so when she saw the vacancy for head of administration, she applied immediately.

Leisure time
โ€˜I enjoy doing bookkeeping and I also do this in my spare time. For example, I keep the accounts for my sister who has her own business and my father also has his own business so I do that accounting as well!โ€™

Head of administration
As head of administration, Debby and her team are responsible for the administrative processes, ensuring that bookings are made on time and that money arrives on time. They also ensure that the projects remain healthy and signal in time if something is threatening to go wrong. They are responsible for the figures of all countries.

‘The best part of my job is preparing reports for management and drawing up forecasts together with the management. No two days are the same, especially during the annual accounts processes.โ€™ Debby soon knew she wanted to go into the financial side and enjoys her work at Pellikaan, where she appreciates the great projects and family business atmosphere.

Gert-Jan Peeters

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