Construction with a human dimension

We work with passion and pleasure on inspiring projects. As a family business we pride ourselves on engaging with the people and world around us. If we can be of value to others then, naturally, we do so with a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication.

Local is better

Wherever possible, we work with local subcontractors and suppliers during all our projects. In doing so we prevent unnecessary transport, boost employment and support the economy in the area.

Space for people

At Pellikaan, people get plenty of time and space to develop. Our staff benefits from numerous workshops, trainings and educational possibilities. In addition we offer traineeships and internships on most of our projects. Interested? Contact us for more information.

A helping hand in Guatemala

Water: we take it for granted. Unfortunately, this is not the same for everyone in the world. In Guatemala, many people live without water. That is why we have been supporting the indigenous Maya population there since 1994. First we provided clean drinking water, teaching materials and new computers. Now we also give advice and financing for the construction and expansion of various schools.

Modern Slavery

Pellikaan has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery. Our annual statement can be found here.

Gert-Jan Peeters

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