Meet Sandra & Franka

Franka and Sandra have been working at Pellikaan for a long time. As receptionists they are always there for everyone and they are the point of contact for both colleagues and clients. They still do this with great pleasure!

Franka has been with us for 18 years. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading and African dancing. ‘I really like that the songs are so upbeat, but the meaning of the lyrics is anything but,’ Franka says of the African music she dances to.
Sandra has worked at Pellikaan for 23 years as both a receptionist and a secretary. In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog, shopping and going out for dinner with friends  – she also paints her own gel nails! ‘I only do this on myself and occasionally on my daughter,’ says Sandra.

Their job
Franka and Sandra are both receptionists at Pellikaan. Sandra is also a secretary. Sandra: ‘I did my secretarial training, but I applied for the position of receptionist and was hired for it. When I came in, it turned out that the position had already been filled and I became secretary for the Dutch department. After a while I made the switch to the English department even though my English wasn’t very good yet.’ When she heard that someone was leaving at the reception desk, she responded immediately. ‘That’s what I was hired for in the first place!’
Franka has been behind the reception desk from her first day of work. She enjoys receiving people and having a chat with them. ‘I make sure things are ordered, I welcome people, make sure the coffee corner looks good and much more! I really like that I am constantly busy and that it is nice and diverse,’ says Franka.

So both have been working at Pellikaan for a long time. This is because of the family bond that Pellikaan is known for. They also both enjoy having a chat with people. Franka: ‘As a receptionist you hear a lot. They sometimes even ask me if I can tell what someone does as a sport!’
Sandra also finds the contact with colleagues very pleasant. ‘I can always chat with my colleagues. In good times and in bad times we are there for each other and I really like that. This also makes the bond you have with your colleagues stronger.’

How did you come to work at Pellikaan?
When Franka’s children were independent enough, Franka wanted to go back to work. ‘I applied through a temp agency and before I knew it I was hired at Pellikaan at about age 40. I think if you really want something, it doesn’t matter how old you are.’ This was a little different for Sandra: she did not even have her degree yet when she started at Pellikaan!
We are delighted with the unbridled dedication of these two power women!

Paul Gerrits

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