Sea Life Centres

Pellikaan built the first Sea Life aquarium in Konstanz, Germany, 1998. We have since built Sea Life Centres in Hannover and Speyer also. Visitors can explore the fascinating underwater world of native as well as exotic waters in the large fresh and saltwater aquariums. The various habitats have been recreated in a detailed and true-to-nature manner in high-quality tanks.  Some 5,000 animals of more then 100 species can be seen at each centre. Spectacular highlights include an 8 meter long glass tunnel walkway through a 5 meter high 300,000 litre tank, where you can watch stingrays and sharks at close range.

For the design of each Sea Life Centre, particular attention was given to the choice of environmentally friendly materials and systems. The harmoniously integrated water tanks have been designed to enable the animals to feel at home in their real, natural environment.

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