High sustainability score with innovative technologies

Velsen Council wanted a high score on GPR (municipal guidelines for sustainability) for their new extended school project. That happened. Their score is 9.04, where only 6 is required. Apart from common energy saving and energy generating measures such as PV cells and high insulation values, two innovative systems were applied: BaOpt airtreatment systems and thermal energy storage in the prefab piling.

BaOpt is a high-tech air regulation system for air handling systems, based on the latest regulation and sensor technologies. Therefore the system is very low-energy. It takes the occupancy in the rooms into account and keeps air quality perfect that way. We first tested the effect of this system in our own Health Clubs, where it turned out that the installations with BaOpt used less energy than the others, and, that the users at the Pellikaan Clubs were feeling more comfortable.

The piles of this centre are used for the foundation as well as for thermal energy storage (geothermal piles). 255 out of 355 piles are connected to the heating system. The heat and cold of the natural ground temperature is used to create a stable indoor temperature very efficiently.

In addition to a primary school and play group, the extended school houses a sports hall and sports café for use by the school as well as residents.

Find more details in the project description.

Gert-Jan Peeters

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