Transparent pool roof to generate electricity

Innovative collaboration of SolarSwing Energy and Pellikaan

Indoor swimming under clear blue skies wiht a low energy bill. That is what SolarSwing Energy and Pellikaan Construction are going to enable. For swimming pools, climate control is very important. Large glass surfaces are unfavourable in that respect. .

SolarSwing Energy is a transparent solar panel that works as dynamic solar blinds, integrated in window or roof. SolarSwing Energy enables what was previously considered impossible: to let in the desired cool light and to use energy of the heat.

Pellikaan will support the development of SolarSwing Energy, and in return they will have the opportunity to be the first to use the product. Director Netherlands Roy Pellikaan: “The exceptional climate control qualities of SolarSwing Energy can be maximally used when applied to indoor swimming pools. Also, it is easy to use the electrical and thermal energy immediately as swimming pools have large energy requirements. With SolarSwing Energy, our swimming pools will be more sustainable and cheaper to run. And the transparent roof ensures an even better experience for the end-user.”

For SolarSwing Energy, the agreement with Pellikaan is an important step: “The SolarSwing Energy is currently being developed. The technology is patented and the prototype is under construction. It is a great support that Pellikaan wants to realise a first project with us.” says founder and director Stan de Ridder.

SolarSwing Energy will demonstrate a prototype mid 2014 at Green Village, Delft. In the start of 2015 the product will be commercially available. Pellikaan will then be the first to be allowed to use the SolarSwing Energy in a commercial project.

Paul Gerrits

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