Vital Resort Oversum Winterberg

In Winterberg Pellikaan built a unique multifunctional resort. The Oversum Vital Resort offers facilities for sports, entertainment, health, tourism and business. This project is a PPP project with the City of Winterberg and investor sab.

The special complex has a swimming pool with various indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness club, sauna with sauna garden, as part of the health and wellness centre is a physio therapy centre and physician’s office, tourist information, congress and event centre, four star hotel with 80 rooms and suites, conference room and restaurant.

The striking architecture of this complex is dominated by an elegant wood structure in the form of a pine cone, in which the seven-storey hotel is housed. All other buildings are constructed on two levels and are harmoniously embedded in the spa park landscape.

PPP sab AG / Winterberg City Council
FormA Architekten
Gert-Jan Peeters

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