Sports Centre De Roodloop Hilvarenbeek

We worked closely together with our M&E partner and architect for the design and build construction of this new sports hall – swimming pool combination. Long term maintenance of the installations is part of the contract.

The compact building takes into account the requirements of the visitors very well. When you enter the building, you can see where you need to go right away. From the café are, you can see the sports hall as well as the swimming pool. Visitors will feel welcomed and be enticed to do sports.

A lot of attention went to the sustainability of the building, which resulted in an all-electric centre: the first swimming pool without a gas connection. This is achieved by a combination of reducing energy requirements through high insulation values and airtightness, and with technical installations including solar panels, heat pumps, LED lighting and heat recovery systems.

Hilvarenbeek Council
Architectenbureau Bos
Gert-Jan Peeters

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