KJC en MFS, Heemskerk

School, rehabilitation and sports

Heliomare Child and Youth Centre:
In this new Child- and Youth Centre,  children and young adults with special needs will find a school for special needs education that also offers facilities for rehabilitation, sports and movement. And to add to all that, the high-tech Regional Expert Centre offers outpatient treatment. Therefore, in addition to the usual school facilities, this centre has dedicated sports and movement areas, a hydrotherapy pool and rehabilitation rooms.

Every functionality of the building has its own domain, with its own entrance, but everybody comes together at the plaza. This large, high area houses the restaurant and has views to every domain.

Heemskerk Multipurpose Sports Centre:
A separate part of the building is the Multipurpose Sports Centre. During the daytime, this is used by primary school pupils from the area as well as Heliomare’s primary and secondary school students. The Heemskerk Council’s new sports hall is built to Dutch Olympic Committee standards and therefore also excellently suited for use by local sports clubs.

Engineer, Build, Maintain: the design by Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer was further developed by our team before construction. After hand-over, Pellikaan remains responsible for maintenance of the building for 12 years.

Heliomare and Heemskerk Council
Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer
Gert-Jan Peeters

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