AQUApark Oberhausen

The design for AQUApark was inspired by the views of the drilling rig of a close-by coalmine. This provided the theme for the interior design. A replica of the drilling rig is the focal point and features under a (40m diameter) glass dome. The past relationship with mining is implemented in a stylish, playful way. A fantastic example of this is the unique 100 meter long Blackhole-slide, that leads to a realistic mine scene.

The AQUApark is widely dominated by the glass dome, with its changeable light effects it is the ultimate in aesthetics for the evenings. The lighting plan contributes to the exterior area. During the daytime the dome is opened in fine weather, giving visitors an open-air feel for maximum comfort on sunnier days.

The tropical pool area includes a number of swimming, fun and recreation areas. Some of the facilities are a leisure pool, a training pool, an outdoor pool and a children’s pool. The many slides, including Europe’s longes X-tube, and large sunbathing area with terrace will ensure fun all year round. This huge facility also offers a range of other amenities including a bar, bistro and shops.

Due to its efficient and sustainable energy system the pool is highly economic.

OGM Oberhausen
pos4 architekten
Gert-Jan Peeters

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