Extended school, Joure-zuid

The Extended school in Joure is a multicolour building in a beautiful park-type location. The theme is “Colours in the Park”.

The building is literally multicolour, the different users chose a colour to represent their identity and the desired atmosphere. Because of the large variety of plant life, the surround park changes colours with the seasons.

Functionalities include two primary schools, a day care centre, an art centre, social services offices and a gymnastics hall that can be used as a theatre.

The building has a guaranteed maximum use of energy. A very high insulation level helps to reduce the energy use. Pellikaan paid great attention to quality and matched the M&E engineering to the requirements of the future users. That way, a healthy learning and working environment was created, with a very low energy use.

Sustainable aspects include a green roof, triple glazing, sustainable timber and Rockpanel elevations, and compliance with the Dutch “fresh school” standard (class B).

De Friese Meren Council, via Facilicom Service Group
Bureau Bos
Gert-Jan Peeters

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